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PACK OF 2 - Astro Skate Astronaut figurine LED Ring Bedside Lights

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Color: 2x White

Key Features

✅ Pack of 2 Night Lights
✅ Cool Design
✅ Made of sturdy Resin
✅ Easy to use switch

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Introducing the Astro Series: Your Cosmic Bedside Companions

Step into the universe of dreams with our extraordinary Astro Series Bedside LED Lights. These captivating lamps transcend ordinary lighting, offering a selection of four celestial designs that will transport you to the stars. Each design features a strong and sturdy resin-molded astronaut, set against the backdrop of the moon, bringing a touch of cosmic charm to your space.

Out-of-This-World Styles:

  • Astro Skate:(White or Blue): Watch as an astronaut defies gravity, skillfully skating across the lunar surface. This design is available in both serene white and deep, enchanting blue, adding a celestial touch to your room.
  • Astro Chill: Find serenity with an astronaut in a crossed-leg yoga pose, perfectly at ease while sitting on the moon. This design exudes tranquility and calm, creating a zen atmosphere in your space.
  • Astro Catch:Marvel at the sight of an astronaut reaching for stars with a rod, perched atop the moon. This design captures the essence of wonder and adventure, turning your room into a cosmic exploration.

Warm LED Glow: The Astro Series Bedside LED Lights don't just provide illumination; they create a soothing and calming ambiance. The soft and warm LED light surrounds the astronaut, bathing your room in a gentle, relaxing glow that's perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Effortless Operation: The Astro Series is designed for ease of use. Simply use the in-line on/off switch to control the lighting, allowing you to set the mood and brighten your room with a simple flick of a switch.

With the Astro Series, you're not just getting a lamp; you're receiving a ticket to a cosmic journey. These bedside LED lights combine art, design, and functionality to transport you to the stars while providing a calming and relaxing light source. Elevate your room's atmosphere with the Astro Series, where the wonders of the universe come to life in your space.


Note - this is for 2 Astronaut figurine LED Ring Bedside Lights which come in their own boxes making it an ideal gift for 2 people

Product Dimensions (cm) - 35h x 25w x 8d

Packed Dimensions (cm) - h x w x d

(all measurements are approx)

Product Type: Night Light
Weight: 6.0 kg
Vendor: Steepletone

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