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Steepletone Freedom Play Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Set of 4 Speakers

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Color: Wood Effect

Key Features

✅ Set of 4 compact wireless Bluetooth Speakers
✅ Synchronised speaker connectivity – range up to 35m, i.e. all 4 Speakers can play from one music source
✅ Bluetooth Receiver (vs 4.1) for connection and sound playback of Audio Players and Smart devices (with Bluetooth Transmitter)
✅ 3.5mm dia. Aux-in jack (for Aux playback – Aux connection cable not supplied)
✅ Push button controls on each speaker for On/Off, Master/Slave, Bluetooth and Volume Up+/Down–
✅ Powered by built-in rechargeable LithiumBattery (Micro USB-to-USB DC ChargingCable supplied – DC charger plug not supplied)
✅ 2 x 4W RMS Speakers in each speaker box
✅ Up to 3 hours of cordless play on full charge
✅ Available in Black or Wood effect
✅ Black Mesh Speaker Grill (removable)
✅ Colours available: Black + Dark Wood effect

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FREEDOM PLAY Set of 4 Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker supplied in either light or dark wood. That's right! this is for 4 inter-connected speakers supplied as a simple to use set to play your music where you want it.

The setup is simple and easy once all 4 speakers are charged. You start off with any one of the speakers (this becomes the master) you can then slave the other three – their range is, from the sound source of Bluetooth, up to 10 meters (or you can connect to the Aux-in) the slaves have a range of up to 35 meter's from the master speaker. This enables you to have one speaker in the bedroom, lounge, kitchen and hall etc.

Built-in auto-reconnection, so when you power back up the master speaker and slave speakers will automatically pair

Supplied with a removable grill cover you can either have them open or use the black grill cover to cover them.

Each speaker is approx. 11cm high, 10cm wide and 9cm deep


Product Dimensions (cm) - 11h x 10w x 9d

Packed Dimensions (cm) - 32h x 29w x 24d

(all measurements are approx)

Product Type: Bluetooth Speaker
Weight: 5.5 kg
Vendor: Steepletone

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