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DISCGO BT PREMIUM Bluetooth Streaming Record Player

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Key Features

✅ Round Shape 3-speed Turntable
✅ (331/3, 45 & 78rpm) with Flip-over Stylus
✅ Black Ash Matt Veneer top, with Charcoal
✅ Fabric Clear Perspex Dust Cover
✅ Built-in Bluetooth Transmitter for Bluetooth
✅ Music Streaming
✅ Auto-Stop and Speed Selection Switch
✅ Pitch Adjustment Switch
✅ Rotary Power On/Off/Volume Control
✅ Connect other Audio Player(s) to Aux-in
✅ Jack (3.5mm dia socket)
✅ Aux-out Jacks (RCA - L + R)
✅ Headphone Socket (3.5mm dia socket)
✅ Subwoofer Socket (Subwoofer not supplied)
✅ Built-in Stereo Speakers (2 x 1W RMS)
✅ Power/Bluetooth LED indicator light
✅ Power by 12V/800Ma AC/DC Adaptor

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DISCGO BT Round 3 Speed Record Player may look Retro but it is full of modern Technology

What makes the Discgo BT so different is it the Only Record Player that is round and it has the ability to send the sound your playing from any 7'' to 12'' record to any Bluetooth Speaker, so whether you have a surround sound system or just a portable speaker, all you do is connect up and play your records. Or Why not pair with our incredible Bluetooth Table Speaker- Tabblue 

DISCGO premium is now styled with a matt black wood effect and high quality Grey Fabric trim. The 3 – Speed Record Player with Bluetooth Streaming and round shape turntable, makes it the perfect record player suitable for any home décor. The 3 speed playback capability and flip – over stylus makes it a very versatile record player giving the user many hours of listening enjoyment. Whether you like rock, classical, R&B or jazz, the DISCGO BT is the only record player you need! What record player would be complete without an auto – stop and speed selection switch, rotary power on/off/volume control and the ability to power a subwoofer through the provided subwoofer socket. There is even a handy, clear Perspex dust cover to keep everything neat and tidy.

Product Dimensions (cm) - 13h x 35w x 35d

Packed Dimensions (cm) - 43h x 43w x 17d

(all measurements are approx)

Product Type: Record Player
Weight: 2.8 kg
Vendor: Steepletone

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