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BROADWAY 5–in–1 Music Centre with MP3 Recording and 3 Speed turntable, CD player and Bluetooth Black

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Color: Black

Key Features

✅ Stereo Music system with MP3 to USB Encoding & Recording Function
✅ Wood effect cabinet and speakers: Teak Wood or Black finish
✅ 3-speed (33/45/78rpm) Record Player with Flip-over Stylus
✅ Turntable Auto Stop On/Off switch
✅ Bluetooth® Playback
✅ Full Function CD Player with 20 track programming
✅ FM Stereo Radio with Manual & PLL Tuning – 10 Presets and Wire Aerial
✅ USB Port for MP3 music playback – connect up to max. 16 GB
✅ Simple One Button MP3-to-USB Record function from Vinyl, CD & Aux-in - with Track Separation
✅ LCD Display and Blue LED backlit Volume Control
✅ Clock; Sleep Timer
✅ EQ Function
✅ Repeat & Random Play Function Mode
✅ Remote Control
✅ RCA Line out Jacks
✅3.5mm dia. Aux-in Jack
✅ 3.5mm dia. Headphone Socket
✅ Separate Twin Stereo Speakers: 2 x 2W RMS Output - 10W p.m.p.o.
✅ Hinged Perspex Dust Cover
✅ Powered by 230V AC Mains

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The Steepletone Broadway music centre is more than just a good analogue record player. It also includes a fully functional CD player and FM radio. It also allows you to digitize your record collection in a very easy and simple way.

Unlike other record players that can be used to transfer vinyl to digital audio files, this product does really make life easier. You do not even need to connect this turntable to your PC and run complicated software to do it - you just plug in your USB memory stick, or your SD Card (e.g. from your camera), and the Broadway will create and store the digital audio files for you.

You can either keep your audio files on these memory devices, and play them back through the music centre, or transfer the files to your PC (for storage, transfer to MP3 Player, creation of CD etc),made even better by the track separation function.

The Broadway has many up to the minute and useful functions,including sleep timer (up to 120 minutes), auto stop turntable and Bluetooth connectivity to enable to play music from your smartphone,tablet etc directly through the Broadway speakers.

Steepletone are a British company who have been making quality audio equipment for 35 years, so you know you are buying a reliable product from a reputable company via their number one reseller.



Dimensions: Each Speaker:  Approx. 190h x 115w x 135d mm
Dimensions Gift Box: 222h x 600w x 378d mm

Product Dimensions (cm) - 17h x 32CM MIAN UNIT - SPEAKERS EACH 15CMw x 31d

Packed Dimensions (cm) - 23h x 60w x 37d

(all measurements are approx)

Product Type: Music Centre
Weight: 6.0 kg
Vendor: Steepletone

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