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Magna Sound Modern Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charger - Dark

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Key Features

✅ Stylish Design
✅ Dances and Moves with the music
✅ Wireless Charge compatible Smartphones
✅ MP3 Playback
✅ AUX 3.5mm Jack


Introducing Magna Sound: Where Music Meets Art and Imagination

Prepare to be captivated by a new dimension of sound and vision. Magna Sound is not just a Bluetooth speaker; it's a mesmerizing experience that brings your music to life. At its core, it features an interactive black magnetic fluid that dances and moves in perfect harmony with the music, an awe-inspiring visual symphony that unfolds before your eyes. Every beat, every drop, becomes a work of art you can see and feel. As a stunning accompaniment, modern white backlighting adds depth and allure to this audio masterpiece.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Magna Sound effortlessly pairs with any smartphone or tablet, giving you the freedom to stream your favorite music, playlists, and podcasts in impeccable quality.

Luxurious Fabric Finish: Available in both light grey and dark grey, Magna Sound blends seamlessly with your decor, offering a contemporary and stylish addition to any room.

MP3 Playback: Insert a USB stick to enjoy your curated music collection with pristine sound quality. Your music, your way.

AUX 3.5mm Jackplug Connection: For those classic devices or moments when wired connection is preferred, Magna Sound is ready to accommodate.

Touch Controls: Effortlessly manage volume, track selection, and light modes with intuitive touch controls, putting you in charge of your music and visual experience.

Wireless Charging: One of Magna Sound's standout features is its wireless charging capability. Keep your smartphone powered while enjoying your tunes. It's the ideal addition to bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and studies, ensuring your music and charging needs are met in style and convenience.

Magna Sound transcends traditional audio experiences. It's a fusion of technology, art, and design that immerses you in a world of sight and sound.

Product Dimensions (cm) - 17h x 21w x 11d

Packed Dimensions (cm) - h x w x d

(all measurements are approx)

tipo de producto: Bluetooth Speaker
Peso: 4.5 kg
Vendedor: Steepletone

Customer Reviews

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Real eye catcher

Good sound, simple setup and the moving shapes catches everyone's eye. Delivery was so quick. Thanks

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