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Round Vanity Mirror With Ring Light & Bluetooth Speaker - 191 x 145 x 355mm

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Color: Cream

Key Features

✅ 6.5-inch Large Mirror with HALO light
✅ Soft White Ring Light around Mirror (HALO) with Dimmer
✅ Back light and Tilted top for Lamp or bed side light when not being used as a mirror
✅ Function Touch Controls- On/ Off- Light/dim - Play/Pause
✅ Bluetooth Connection For Music Playback
✅ Microphone for use while connected to phone / calls
✅ 8W Speaker- Clear and Powerful Sound.
✅ 9VDC Power Adaptor Supplied
✅ Full Colour Retail Packaging.
✅ Stylish Colours- Light Grey / White cream
✅ 90 CRI Colour Quality Light

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A product like no other...

Introducing the HALO, a Bluetooth speaker disguised as a Makeup mirror!

Featuring a vibrant ring light that is perfect for doing your makeup or skin care no matter what time of day! We have designed this stunning, light product to look good in any bedroom - the gorgeous soft off white/cream colour is subtle and will blend in with any décor!

Say goodbye to multiple items on your dressing table, instead say HALO to the Halo – it really does it all! As well as the amazing ring light that can be dimmed or brightened by the touch of a button, the mirror itself flips into a desk light which is a soft white/yellow colour perfect to light up a room.

The Halo is a gift unlike any other product on the market, the amazing sound quality means you can listen to your favourite music or radio simply by connecting your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. With the added feature of the built in microphone, you can talk hands free on the phone while getting ready... so you'll never be late again.

The HALO is slick and seamless to use and is taking a step into the future..treat yourself or your loved ones today.


Product Dimensions (cm) - 30h x 15w x 7d

Packed Dimensions (cm) - 37.5h x 21w x 16d

(all measurements are approx)

Product Type: Bluetooth Speaker
Weight: 1.0 kg
Vendor: Steepletone

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